About Us

As a Start-Up, it has a full-time staff and two temporary workers who are dedicated to building its vision of being the global Ghana rice distributor of choice by 2025. Since its inception, LAVITESSE boasts of various distribution channels including our online shop, which allows us to deliver our products anywhere in Ghana to our clients, as well as our point of sale at the community 25 malls on Saturdays only. Lavitesse also distributes to wholesalers, retailers, supermarkets, etc.

We are also committed to training young people, especially women on the best strategies to apply in marketing the Ghana rice brands available.




Lavitesse was born out of an exciting era of renewed Ghanaian patriotic energies that longed to consume and enjoy everything Ghana, in November 2019. The company entered the Ghanaian business space, promoting Ghana-made rice as a brand distributer. With a startup portfolio of only a single brand and a day one turnover of GHc300, Levitesse within 24 months currently distributes 4 major local rice brands, with an average growing turnover of over Ghc 24,000 annually.

Our Team

Godknows Awuku

Seshie Godswill

Our Mission

To make Ghana rice easily available to our clients through our various distribution channels.


Our Vision

To be the global Ghana rice brands distributor of choice in the next 5 years.