You cannot begin to imagine the privilege we as Africans have in various areas including the trove of local seeds we have!

COASP REGIONAL just ended their 3rd Edition of SEED FAIR in Benin where a conglomeration of Africans and non-Africans from the whole world met, exhibiting African local seeds of all kinds, discussing seriously the sustainability of our local seeds amidst the solidarity in rejecting genetically manufactured seeds.

A well organised programme that attracted echelons across the world to support the agenda and also Exchange seeds among farmers and all those in the Agroecological value chain.

Literally EVERYTHING we ate during this fair was from farm to table. I personally, who would have experienced digestive issues due to the change in environments suffered zero problems in that regard. ☺ THAT IS AGROECOLOGY for you!

LAVITESSE – had the honour of participating in the fair to showcase the richness of made in Ghana rice and it’s health benefits.

Apprection to Chen-Darley Ltd., New Age Ltd and Cornelius Farms Ltd, producers of DUKE AND BENJIE, EVIVI and OKOREWAA rice brands who provided various types of local rice seeds and produce to aid LAVITESSE in projecting made in Ghana rice. We couldn’t sign out without mentioning Guzakuza Gh for empowering us to keep shining.

In sum, we all have a call to respond to as Africans. Our Seed must be African, our Food must be African! We need to join this important movement to spread our local seeds to farmers et al to ramp up FOOD SOVEREIGNTY and Sustainability worldwide!

Congratulations to all the organisers and sponsors of COASP REGIONAL! Bien faire et Félicitations!!!

Be Intentional, Eat Ghana Rice.

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