At the just-ended book launch of one of my most admired female CEOs in the Insurance Industry, Dr Hazel P. Berrard Amuah PhD, DBA, ACII-UK, these three friends walked and chatted away happily discussing the books she wrote, Four (4) in all.

Among them is ‘PEOPLE FACTORY ‘, a complete and in-depth amalgamation of all her experiences and journey as a leader in various slots of her life mashed up in plain simple English language….I just started reading…loving everything being read so far! Thank you, Doc…Live long please….this generation and beyond of rising women need you immensely. ❤️

Now see those naturally triggered happy smiles that turned to hard and loud laughter as the conversation progressed? It sure indicates we all have one thing in common, which we freely share with one another….JOY! What we Own is what we transmit.

At the launch, there was so much JOY! It was truly evident all of us were happy for a friend, sister, mother, teacher, leader, pastor…not only because we all have that in common, but also because she first shared with us that JOY, which ignited ours throughout the event and after!

I sign off by emphasising that as a leader, JOY is of great importance….Have re-JOY always!
1 Thess 5:16

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